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 TIO-PNU Protectorate

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Rayan Thomas
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TIO-PNU Protectorate Empty
PostSubject: TIO-PNU Protectorate   TIO-PNU Protectorate EmptyTue 23 Apr 2013, 23:04

TIO-PNU Protectorate 200px-Flag_of_TIOTIO-PNU Protectorate Pan_250

Preamble: The Imperial Order (TIO) and the Pan National Union (PNU) hereby announce the following protectorate treaty

Article I: Sovereignty

Both the signatory alliances acknowledge and will respect each other’s sovereignty and independence.

Article II: Non-Aggression

Both TIO and PNU agree that no hostile action will be taken against one another. In the event of an incident, both signatories agree to settle the matter peacefully and diplomatically.

Article III: Intelligence

Should either signatory discover information that threatens the other, they are required to share said information with the other immediately

Article IV: Protection

Any hostile attack on PNU is to be considered an attack on TIO, and will be dealt with accordingly

Article V: Ankle Biter

Should TIO come under attack from another alliance, PNU is encouraged but not required to support TIO through military or financial assistance.

Article VI: Optional Aggression

Should either signatory declare on another alliance, it is encouraged for the other to support the aggressor signatory through military or financial assistance.

Article VII: Logistical Support

TIO and PNU will assist each other in constructing a solid economy through appropriate means. Each signatory will provide each other with priority status in buying and selling of external tech deals.

Article VIII: Cancellation

Should either signatory decide that this treaty has run its course, it may be cancelled with a 72 hour cool down time. If an article of this treaty is violated, it may be cancelled immediately


For The Imperial Order,

Imperial High Commander: Klinker
Imperial External Commander: Skippy
Imperial Internal Commander: htmlmaster
Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs: Dave93
Imperial Officer of Finance: Bagpuss
Imperial Officer of Defence: Siberian Jay

For the Pan National Union,

President- Rayan Thomas
Vice-President- Ziofayne
Foreign Minister- Atombomb3429
Minister of Interior- CyberUndead
War Minister- SgtInsanity
Minister of Economy/Treasurer- XHeadTaker

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TIO-PNU Protectorate

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