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 National Chaos Fast Food Enterprises Incorporated Privatized Telecoms Incorporated

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Rayan Thomas
Rayan Thomas


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PostSubject: National Chaos Fast Food Enterprises Incorporated Privatized Telecoms Incorporated   Tue 23 Jul 2013, 21:53

Welcome to National Chaos Fast Food Enterprises Incorporated Privatized Telecoms Incorporated (That's a mouthful!). We open from 12am-12:01am, every day of the week except for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you do manage to somehow get into the restaurant and deal with the totally-distracted-teen-who-is-constantly-checking-Facebook, then you will get to taste our World Health Organisation condemned, Butter loaded, Oil splattered, unnecessarily fattened up Mexican Fries! (Now with 30% less weed!) Now, to our menu!

Quote :
Article 1 - Mexican Fries

Both signatories agree that food bought by the other signatory belongs to that signatory, and agrees not to skimp out when the bill arrives.

Article 2 - Silly Salad
Both signatories will share information with each other which is relevant to the security and safety of the other alliance. They also agree that most of the salads on the menu look disgusting.

Article 3 - McChaos Burger
If a signatory is attacked by a third party, the other signatory to this treaty has the option to step in and defend them, or to provide aid. Though this is not required, it is encouraged. Both signatories also agree to keep in contact throughout the meal and not to create any awkward silences.

Article 4 - National Nuggets
Both Signatories will work together to develop each other's economies in the form of Trading and Tech Trades.

Article 5 - Iced Cheese Sundae
Either signatory can cancel this treaty at any time by providing 72 hours notice to the other signatory via the correct means of communication. During this time, all articles remain in effect.

Appendix 1 - Serious Health & Safety Procedure
Should the Restaurant Telecom be closed down by Health and Safety Inspectors, both parties will open up a Chinese Takeaway instead.

Now, the contract signing!


President- Rayan Thomas
Vice-President- HelenasArmy
Prime Minister- Sultan Hassan
Foreign Minister- atombomb3429
Minister of Interior- CyberUndead
War Minister- SgtInsanity
Minister of Economy- Jan Modaal
Minister of Immigration- Moluffy


Lord of Chaos- KenfolkGTS
Envoy Elder- Pollard
Strategic Elder- Rstat1
Interior Elder- Bluebirdmatt

Made in China © 2013
This Product may contain traces of nuts, latex, cheese, oreos, chaos, North Korea and Uranium.
Please be cautious about using this product....

Pan National Union The Oreo is the National Biscuit of the Union Pan National Union

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National Chaos Fast Food Enterprises Incorporated Privatized Telecoms Incorporated

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